Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ulthane: sculpting update

With the completion of my Twi'lek smuggler, I can again focus on what is fast becoming my favourite project to date: Ulthane. I received some hints and tips from Sithfire on using Fixit, most notably on working with it during various stages of the curing process.

That knowledge allowed me to start on Ulthane's cowl. I have just finished the backside of this. In the pictures you can also see some additional details (stubs) on his right shoulder armour.

In the picture below I have applied a patch of Fixit (50 minutes after mixing it) in a rough shape over Ulthane's back. I wrapped his left arm in a piece of plastic foil to prevent the Fixit from adhering to it. In this stage, the Fixit is still sticky, but easier to work with than it is right after mixing it.

In the picture below it is approximately one hour further into the curing process. The clay is not that sticky at all anymore and is starting to retain its shape. At this stage I started adding folds and pulling and jabbing away little pieces to form the ragged edge of the cowl.

In this last picture you can see two shields. The small shield will be placed on Ulthane's lower back. The large shield will become an actual shield, with which he can defend himself. As if an Ancient One needs defending himself..... :)

The small shield was fun to make. First I let a mixed ball of Fixit cure for an hour. Then I flattened it to an even flat disc. After another hour I took a cap from a milk carton (I have dozens of those) and pressed down in the clay, cutting out a nice disc, nearly an inch in diameter. Half an hour later I placed that disc on a large marble, pressing it down and letting it cure. I will sand it down later on and apply additional details.

For the large shield, I applied a patch of Fixit on World War Hulk's sanded down shield, wrapped in plastic foil. And then I just let that cure to add details afterwards.

As a reminder, the reference picture I am mostly working from:

That is it for now, I hope you enjoyed this update. You can also view my work on Facebook. Take a look and if you like what you see, become a fan! :D More coming soon, of course!

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