Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Duros race: space travelers

At the customizing community hosts a Secret Santa round every year. I've been part of it since the very first one and this year was no exception. This year I made a Duros pilot/space traveler. The Duros are one of my favourite races in the GFFA* and I've been meaning to make something like this one for some time. The Secret Santa round was the final nudge to get me started. On to the pics!

* GFFA = Galaxy Far Far Away

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yesterday's news: Phase I Utapau Shadow Trooper

I've got a lot of projects waiting to be finished and since it's been over half a year since my last update, I thought I'd throw in some of my older work. This Phase I Shadow Trooper was commissioned by a fellow member at A great custom to work on, one of my best troopers imho.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Back with another update! This time around it's one for the Yakfinities themed Swoop Bikers. I made a former Weequay Swoop Racing champion well past his hay days. Now he's racing in shady circuits, perhaps even illegal races. But he's tough and still fast on his ride, that gave him so many victories in the official circuit.

Friday, March 19, 2010

"Hi mama, you're little boy's back."

And that were probably the last words Kaminoan clone master Lama Su heard, before she got in touch with the business end of the cattle prod Mereel was holding.

Huh? What? Okay, backing up a bit. In the Republic Commando novel True Colors Clone trainer and Mandalorian Kal Skirata hunts down Lama Su, aided by his adoptive son, the Clone ARC Mereel, now turned Mandalorian.

This event was my choice to make a diorama of, for a contest on one of the SW customizing forums. It actually won 2nd prize!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Now there's two of them....

This is another recent Jedi custom I made. And like the Duros Jedi, it was a Secret Santa gift, this time for the round at

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Now they're all but extinct....

Hey good people, what's up?

I'm starting off 2010 with one of my latest creations: a Duros Jedi, made for the 2009 Secret Santa round at Imperial Shipyards. I'm a big fan of the Duros species and the head and hands of the Ellors Madak figure were perfect for this custom.


Welcome to the new Incom's Customs Center!

Hello and welcome to the new Incom's Customs Center, a blog about a favourite passtime of mine: customizing action figures and vehicles.

My old customizing site was a bit cumbersome to maintain, so I switched to Blogspot instead. Don't worry, the old site will remain online, but won't be updated anymore.

I've been customizing since early 2006 and in the few years of doing so, I have learned an incredible amount from my fellow customizers. The customizing community is a pleasant one, where we all learn from each other.

I will keep you updated on my customs and also post WIP (Work In Progress) shots, an aspect of this hobby I myself find very interesting.

Feel free to add me to your favourites or subscribe to update of my work!

Thanks for dropping by!


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