Sunday, March 3, 2013

A new name and first WIP update of 2013

"Mr. Black's Customs?" you wonder? Yes, indeed. While I have been known as Incom in the customizing community, I have decided to adopt a more personal and less Star Wars orientated alias. Don't worry (or do worry, it's up to you LOL) Star Wars is very much a main theme in my life and will remain so as well in my customizing projects.

My last name translate to "Black" in English and since I have been branching out to a variety of character universes and designs, I thought it was only fitting to go by the name of Mr. Black. Now to find out how to replace the banner you see on top of the page...
Anyway, time for me to show you the first WIP (work in progress) pictures of 2013. As you will probably know, I am quite talented at starting custom projects. More so than actually finishing them ;)

But the upside on having a lot of projects "on the bench" is that I can share some cool progress pictures with you.

So, let's see what's cooking, shall we?

First up: my work on a Heavy Mandalorian, based on Deviant artist Vinom11's following artwork:
Please take a minute and check out Vinom11's gallery. There are some pretty cool Mandalorian designs to be seen there.

And here's how far I have gotten in creating a 1:18-ish scale custom action figure of this design:

And since I opened my jars of Fixit Sculpt compounds A and B, I figured I might as well go ahead and continue working on my Darksiders (2) Death custom project. This time I worked on his wings, which Death has when in Reaper form. You can see this Reaper form in the inserts on the pictures below.

 As you can see, I created a frame of metal wire and then started sculpting. Of course the wings are still very rough and in a very early stage. I found some very helpful tutorials on sculpting wings like these. I believe it was a technique used for creating Tyranid's wings. Basically I first have to sculpt the joints and then sculpt the bones. The real challenge will be in creating the "webbing" between the wing's fingers, as seen here:

And yes, that insanely huge scythe of his will also be quite a challenge :)

And last, but not least, my first steps in creating a custom figure of Oliver "Arrow" Queen. I'm not very schooled in the superhero universes, but I like the TV show based on the (Green)  Arrow a lot. Right now, I have this rough assembly to show you:

Making the figure look close enough to the TV show character requires some sculpting. Nothing too fancy, just a few dabs here and there to get the look of the outfit right.

That's it for now, I hope you like the things I'm working on. Thanks for checking out my blog and if you have the time, please have a look at my Facebook page as well: