Saturday, July 23, 2011

Female Twi'lek smuggler (SW:TOR era)

Like I mentiond in my previous post, I only needed to touch up a few details. Here's a series of pictures of the final custom.

This figure was made of the following parts:
- Head (modified): Legacy Cesi "Doc" Eirris
- Upper arms, upper body, lower body, upper legs: G.I. Joe ROC Scarlett
- Lower arms, lower legs, feet: G.I. Joe ROC Baroness
- Belt (modified, added holsters from the fodder bin): G.I. Joe 25th. Scarlett
- Double barreled blaster, made from these three blasters
- Single barreled blaster from the fodder bin

Again, this figure turned out into something really personal, as it will be auctioned off in sole benefit of Michael Martinez' fiancé Hollie and their daughter.

R.I.P. Mike and may the Force be with you. Always.

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