Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Yer welcome to give it a go...."

One of my favourite PS3 games is definitely Darksiders. Featuring the artistic talent of Joe Madureira, Darksiders has an awesome feel and look to it. Add Mark Hamill to the voice actors and you've got a sure win!

Although I really dig each and every one of the characters, some are just that teeny bit cooler. Take Ulthane for instance. The minute I entered his part of the woods and saw the introduction video, I was sold. What an awesome character! Naturally, the customizing bug started to tickle me and when the right base figure (Marvel Universe WW Hulk) came along, I was ready to start on what will be my most extensive custom ever.

As is often the case, a character appearing in comics, video games and concept art will have differences in appearance. For Ulthane, I chose to go with this concept drawing I found on the net. It's quite different from how Ulthane looks in the game, but it's the most detailed reference picture I could find.

This project requires me to seriously test and develop my skills using Fixit Sculpt. So far I'm very pleased with how Ulthane looks and this of course really motivates me to keep on working on him!

Below are two WIP pics of that big grumpy Ancient One, who has this weird dislike of.... pigeons.


  1. That's looking wonderful man. Your sculpting is getting better and better... I need to start practicing more!

  2. Thanks Dan and you should! It all comes down to practice, my friend :)