Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Last Droid Standing mini dio

I made this mini dio back in early 2009.

The dio depicts a scene of a female Jedi that has just sliced her last SBD. I've always wanted to make a lightsaber slash effect and learned a lot from reading posts about making lava bases on various miniature gaming forums.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why the Rebels won on Endor.

You think the Rebels won the battle on Endor because of the Ewoks? Fur real? Those cute little furballs were just a mere distraction. In reality the courageous acts of the battle hardened Rebel troopers, who gave everything they had in the final battle to regain their and the galaxy's freedom, turned the tide and helped bring down the Empire!

Here's one of those seasoned troopers, who will be joined sometime this month by a squad mate.

Parts used:

Trigate Creations* - head
POTJ Rebel Trooper - jacket
Saga '06 Endor Rebel Soldier - helmet, hands, belt, holster, blaster
G.I. Joe Resolute Duke - body

* Trigate Creations, formerly known as Good-to-Go Customs, has been renamed to Slayer Design Studios, awesome place to obtain some high quality casts of just about everything!